JWT Debuts ‘Brand USA’ Effort. You’re Welcome, World

By Kiran Aditham 

Nearly nine months after picking up global AOR duties for the Corporation for Travel Promotion, JWT has finally unveiled its first marketing campaign for the government-created entity that was set up to help spur more international travel to the US. Dubbed “Brand USA,” JWT’s campaign for the CTP includes the above 60-second spot, which features Johnny Cash’s daughter Roseanne and her song “Land of Dreams” and takes us through beaches, bayous and cityscapes that make Murrica, well, Murrica.

The tune’s a bit too folksy/hokey for our tastes, but it seems to fit the spot, which will perhaps resonate in international markets (advertising will initially roll out in the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada on May 1). As expected, all the social/online components come into play in “Brand USA,” including Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Pinterest. Well, was it worth the nine-month wait? Guess we’re already in the good ol’ US of A, it’s not for us to judge. Credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Directors: Jim Hord/Bill Oberlander

Creative Director (Art): John Doyle

Creative Director (Copy): David O’Hare

Global Business Director: Megan Kent

Business Director: Sean McCarthy

Account Director: Aissatou Balde

Account Manager: Kristen Henkels

Beth Waxman-Arteta: Chief Marketing Officer

Dale Kirsop, Marketing Director

Global Planning Director: Jonathan Disegi

Planners: Melissa Parsey, Abby Leber

Director of Experience: Ingrid Bernstein

Communications Planning Director: Matthew George

Director of Project Management: Elaine Barker

Director of Operations: Katherine Stout