JWT Brazil Offers a Signature, Skewered Touch for Barbecue Buffs

By Kiran Aditham 

A year after releasing interactive cookbook The Bible of Barbecue for native cookware brand Tramontina, JWT Brazil returns with a more artisanal approach for its client in the form of a Meat Signature Maker.

As the two-minute film above shows, the target audience once again is the South American barbecue chef/aficionado, who can now add a personal, even artistic touch to his/her meat concoctions.


After first introducing the customized skewer to high-profile Argentinean chef Francis Mallmann (and soon Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller and Daniel Bouloud, among others), JWT Brazil and Tramontina are now rolling out the product to not just BBQ maestros and industry folks, but the general public via a special sale at T store Tramontina in Rio de Janeiro.

JWT Brazil chief creative officer Ricardo John says:

“Tramontina is truly passionate about barbecues.  No matter how many thousands of utensils they produce every month, they still have a twinkle in their eyes, like artisans. A customized piece especially forged for each barbecuer is a very special thing not just for the chefs, but also for the brand.”

What cook of any real stature wouldn’t want to sign such a carnivore’s delight?