Just So We’re Clear on the Goodby/Chevy Relationship

By Kiran Aditham 

For some reason, Bob Marshall’s piece yesterday on the Mother work for Chevy was misconstrued by some, including our old pal George Parker, who as we all know is never one to pull punches and once again, he didn’t disappoint. Parker and a few others (but NOT the actual commenters) interpreted Bob’s post as some sort of death knell for the Goodby/Chevy relationship, though it was really anything but.

It was meant to provide some background on Chevy’s agency relationships and recent related events before eventually segueing into the focal point of the post, which was Mother’s actual work for the automaker. Anyhow, to put you all at ease, though this shouldn’t have really been an issue in the first place (or warranted a response for that matter), we’ll tell you first and foremost that Goodby is still Chevrolet’s main agency.


Chevy’s work with Mother is strictly a digital assignment around the Centennial, though  Goodby also got a digital assignment promoting the same thing, which will break next week.  According to sources, Mother’s work is more “historical”; Goodby’s is “personalized and tech-forward.” Goodby still has all the brand work, not to mention this Centennial project (there will also be a Centennial TV spot launching the week of the World Series).

Now, if everyone actually read Bob’s initial post in the first place (like most commenters seemed to have), we wouldn’t have had to waste your time with this follow-up. Carry on.