Just So Introduces an Extremely Pretentious Man

By Patrick Coffee 

He’s a sculptor. He’s a filmmaker. He has “a passion for telling stories,” wears “appointment socks” and reads printed books, goddammit!

Sounds like your chief creative officer, doesn’t he? But he’s just the world’s most pretentious man or “polyman” who brags about his huge studio before riding around that very space on…a Segway.

The ad, created by London’s “film agency” Just So, promotes the addition of seven new menswear outlets to U.K. shopping center chain Bicester Village. Those brands include Balenciaga, Givenchy and Mont Blanc, so they will be sure to attract men who very closely resemble the guy in this ad.

Just So managing director Richard Ascott (who has a perfect name for this campaign, by the way), writes:


“Luxury menswear comms have become quite generic. An aesthetic that started out as fresh has been over used and we felt it was ripe for parody.”

Now that you mention it, the Most Interesting Man in the World has lost a bit of his edge, hasn’t he?


Creative Director: Jonny Madderson / Jono Stevens
Art Director: Jessie Williams
Copywriter: Ben Partridge
Director/ Production Co: Just So – Jonny Madderson / Jono Stevens
Producer: Rosie Box
Editor: Jonny Madderson / Ross Hallard
Sound Design: SoundNode
DoP: Charlie Goodger