Just A Note On That Wendy’s Campaign

By SuperSpy 

The comments on our recent Wendy’s post [“Is It “Waaaay Better Than Fast Food?”] are getting prolific. Sweet. Here’s a little more info on those soon to arrive spot. The creative lead was Izzy Debellis, former partner and creative director of… okay, wait for it… wait for it… BERLIN CAMERON! Our favorite shop in the whole wide world. Meet Izzy at the Kirshenbaum Bond site, here. Or, oddly, you can also check him out at the Berlin site, here.

Oh please, please… someone send us the video to these spots. No need to post on YouTube and possibly get yourself in a bit of poo. Send direct to agencyspy at mediasbistro dot com. We are dying to see what Izzy has come up with. Please? Please?

We’d also like to add this addendum – in her speech, Wendy’s CEO Kerrii Andersen said that ““This effort has been driven by a clear understanding of our brand strategy and hallmarks of quality, freshness and honesty.” Honesty? What about that little trans fat scandal they got into? And the overall implication that Wendy’s is not fast food. Whatever. Whatever.