Jung von Matt/Limmat Gives the Village-Phone a Ring

By Erik Oster 

The picturesque Swiss mountain village of Tschlin in the Lower Engadine is so quiet, residents say, that when the phone in the center of the village rings, everyone can hear it.

To prove this, Jung von Matt/Limmat launched a promotional campaign. Anyone who could call the village-phone without getting a response from one of its 166 residents would win a vacation. The six-day campaign resulted in some 4,000 conversations, 30,000 attempted calls and 500,000 visitors to the website www.dorftelefon.ch. While the residents of Tschlin were delighted with the enthusiastic response to the campaign, they’re now happy to have their peace and quiet back. 

The promotional campaign is part of the larger “Graubünden: My Mountain Village” marketing partnership focused on marketing small locations and regions throughout Graubünden. In this case, it seems Jung von Matt/Limmat did a pretty good job calling attention to the small, quiet village — temporarily breaking that quietness with a constantly ringing phone.

Responsible at Graubünden Tourism:
Manuela Ruinatscha-Michel (Head of Product Development)
Nicole Derungs (Project Manager)

Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat:
Samuel Christ (Executive Creative Direction)
Johannes Raggio, Marco Zimmerli (Creative Direction)
Alain Eicher (Copy)
Lukas Frischknecht, Andrea Klainguti (Art Direction)
Joelle Hauser (Graphics)
Marco Dettling, Monika Arnold, Roman Mösli, Roman Meister (Consulting)
Sarida Bossoni (Art Buying)
Ralf Brändli (Head of Technology)
Matthias Wobrock, Dominik Habermacher (Online Marketing)
Christoph Kinsperger (Public Relations)

External partners:
Luc Kämpfen (Film Production: ferrari.kämpfen)
Jingle Jungle AG (Sound)
Nicolas Henri Sieber (Tech: Kamerawerk GmbH)
Valentin Altorfer (Tech: Simple Mechanik)