Jose Cabaco Is Out As CCO Of EuroRSCG North America

By SuperSpy 

Seriously… what the? Can we have some good news please? No? Okay, fine then. EuroRSCG’s North American CCO Jose Cabaco has been fired from the shop and his position eliminated.

As Creativity noted, while it may not be surprising that he was let go (Cabaco was named by ex-CEO Esther Lee), what is fairly shocking is that his position is just gone. Poof.

Meanwhile, the “Man Expert” Rose Cameron has joined the Chicago office as Chief Strategy Officer. Yes, that one was a new position for the shop.

Just what in the hell is going on over there? Is it that EuroRSCG is just going to let shops wing their own creative? Hmm… we’re always for less process. Let’s see how this one plays out, shall we?

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