Joint London and a Tiny Horse Make Friends With Amazon Prime

By Patrick Coffee 

Joint London’s last ad for Amazon Prime made strategic use of a very small dog with a very sad injury, and its new spot works with the same formula: super cute animal who just wants to fit in.

This time we get a miniature horse instead of a Bolognese(?), but his struggles are shared: he has a problem that only Amazon (or any other comparable e-commerce business) can solve.

So that purchase didn’t really help the horse make friends with his equine peers, but we guess it’s better to be antisocial by choice than to keep getting rejected.

One of our colleagues couldn’t quite handle the last spot, writing:

“Please, Amazon Prime, no more. I mean, what’s next? Babies? Cats? Baby cats? Baby cats in tiny Superman capes, hobbling around on crutches?”

And now we know.

We did get the key message, cute overload aside: Amazon delivers things very quickly. Hopefully the horse gets the emotional support he needs.

Agency: Joint London
Director: Kevin Thomas
Creatives: Damon Collins, Richard Exon, Lori Meakin, Algy Sharman, Claudio Gorini, Josh Harris, Toni Barker