john st. Asks Questions for President’s Choice

By Erik Oster 

john st. has a new campaign for President’s Choice, Canada’s number one consumer packaged goods brand, celebrating curiosity.

Who decided to try to eat pineapple? Who first braved a beehive to get honey? How did people figure out which mushrooms were edible? Who figured out popcorn? These are some of the questions posed by the campaign’s 60-second broadcast spot, “Crave More,” which concludes with the line, “If you don’t search for more, you’ll never find it.”

“It’s the questioning of the status quo that leads to the discoveries of foods and different ways of sourcing foods that is really the DNA of President’s Choice,” explains Angus Tucker, partner and creative director of John St. “That’s what we were trying to capture, that passion for finding the new and the next.”

The campaign also includes a 30-second broadcast spots, in-store marketing, social media elements and an overhauled website.