John Berg Cares About You

By SuperSpy 

AdAge has an article up today written by John Berg, President of Taxi New York. It’s all about advertising agencies and politics. If you ask Greed, Sex, Drugs And Money’s CEO Roy Spence, he’d tell you the two play nicely together thankyouverymuch. Hillary and Roy? BFF4EVER.

Berg points out the benefits of agencies aligning themselves with politicos: “No doubt, when an agency CEO or principal declares an affinity for a candidate and pledges to help land that candidate in office, the potential upside is clear: In addition to steady mentions in the press for an extended period, the agency benefits from a halo effect if a campaign resonates with the public.”

Then goes out his theory about why agencies shouldn’t dabble in the arena, which interestingly, is more about his employees than his own fews or the agency as a brand.

“And what people want to feel more than anything else is that they are working in a meritocracy. Political work breaks the meritocracy by introducing something into the agency that is potentially divisive, something that benefits some employees and puts others at a disadvantage.”

Now, doesn’t Berg sound like a good boss?