‘Joe the Plumber’ Buys Political Ad in Missouri

By Bob Marshall 

You didn’t think Joe the Plumber (aka Samuel Wurzelbacker) would be satisfied with his 15 seconds of fame during the 2008 presidential election, did you? Missouri, you’re in the running to be the next Alabama.

Now being referred to by the official sound title of “conservative activist” by The Hill, the money Joe undoubtedly made off of television appearances and memorabilia sales is now being used to voice is support for Chuck Purgason as the Republican nominee in Missouri’s senate race. Joe calls challenger Roy Blunt (who’s own negative ads we’ve mentioned before) a “the pretender to the conservative throne.”

Since 2008 race, Joe the Plumber has been busy criticizing the Obama administration with speeches at Tea Party rallies. While Joe’s ad features colorful animations and a great shot with him shaking Obama’s hand, Roy Blunt currently holds a commanding lead in the polls over Joe’s man Purgason. The primary will take place August 3.

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