Job Listing of the Day: CD Wanted, HS Diploma Required

By Kiran Aditham 

A tipster stumbled upon a job post on TalentZoo and seemed a bit taken aback by the actual copy, asking us, “Is this really a job posting for [P]ublicis? Looks incredibly unprofessional and requires almost no qualifications.” Well, we must say the listing (here) makes it appear that standards have dropped, especially if it’s for a creative director job at Publicis NY. Here’s the copy and you decide:

“Creative Director for Publicis Inc. in NY, NY  lead Creative Team to develop creative elements forglobal advertising campaigns for print, tv and multimedia; review/approve creative; manage production of creative within budget & schedule; present final layouts to clients for approval; hire, train, & supervise creative team. 4 years experience in job offered and High School diploma required.  M-F, 8:00-5:00 Submit resumes to Recruitment and Employment Office, Publicis Inc.”

Damn, we had a feeling we wasted all those years in college.

Update: As we figured, we’re receiving word now that this is NOT an official Publicis NY creative director post. Was it too good to be true? Have we been deceived by the virtuous job site that is TalentZoo all these years? We’re looking into this. Stay tuned.