Joan’s First Campaign for Netflix Helps Viewers Understand the ‘Modern Woman’

By Patrick Coffee 

In case you missed it, the first public campaign from Joan, the agency launched by Jamie Robinson of W+K and Lisa Clunie of Ogilvy and Refinery29 this spring, debuted during the Emmys on Sunday night.

The spot for Netflix is an alternate take on “She Rules,” which was essentially a compilation of all the badass female characters in Netflix’s original shows. It mocks the sort of “how to behave like a woman in present-day society” educational reels that one imagines ’50s schoolchildren might watch (in black and white, of course). We’re not sure we’ve ever seen any of those, but the archetype is familiar and we are fairly sure they would make great midnight viewing.

The most important aspect of the spot is the choice of scenes to go along with the eye-roll narration. It manages to showcase most of Netflix’s original programming and get a few striking contrasts in there; we particularly liked the Jessica Jones “give your man a squeeze” death scene.

So this is the agency’s first publicly visible work, but they do have “unspecified yogurt, snack and meal-focused projects” in the pipeline for their first client General Mills, and we also talked to Robinson and Clunie at Cannes about their plans and how female creatives so often get assigned to work on “feminine” brands. Look for more work from Joan soon.

Client: Netflix
Title: Rules For The Modern Woman
Agency: Joan
Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder: Jaime Robinson
Art Director: Marques Gartrell
Executive Producer: Sherri Levy
Production Coordinator: Lauren Teng
Edit house: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Editor: Parker Whipple
Assistant: Tania Mesta
Producer: Jenny Greenfield
After Effects: Harry Truman
Music: Ring the Alarm