Joan Throws Shade on Your Flash in Debut Campaign for Google Pixel

By Patrick Coffee 

You do NOT want to be that person. You know … the one who takes pictures in a dark space without turning off their goddamned flash.

One might think the public at large would have adopted some sense of social decorum given that we’ve been capturing every minute of our lives on smartphone cameras for a decade now. But no! So Google has developed Night Sight, a new mode for its own Pixel 3 phones that makes sure you and all the people around you won’t be surprised by that most obnoxious of lights.

And the tech giant called on Joan to illustrate its solution to customers’ business problems, lol, with the help of one Freddie Mercury.

Mmmm, loving that terrible UGC.

According to several people, Joan won a project-based pitch in the same round that saw Google expand its relationship with Droga5 over the summer. The latter agency has also released several new spots promoting the Pixel.

News of the win has not gone public because it’s Google, but Joan shared the campaign on its Twitter feed earlier this week. Joan’s spokesperson declined to comment on its relationship with Google. A client representative hasn’t responded to a related email.

The agency has worked with Google for a while. Back in April, it also hired a new head of accounts who had managed the Google business for Anomaly.