Jimmyjane Attempts to Free Consumers from 9-to-5 Oppression

By Bob Marshall 

Which would you rather being doing: Walking the neighbors’ dogs while they’re on vacation, or masturbating? Okay, would you rather be stuck in a client meeting for two hours, or making sweet, sweet love to your significant other with the aid of a battery-powered device? Which would you rather have in your hand right now, a singing Justin Bieber-branded tooth brush (that doesn’t vibrate) or a bright pink vibrator that looks like something Jane Jetson would use?

A new in-house spot from vibrator manufacturers Jimmyjane invites consumers to approach their deepest wants and needs with unbridled honesty. We know you’d probably rather be getting off right now than reading AgencySpy. If we’re going to play the honesty game, we would probably rather be getting off right now than writing AgencySpy. And, for those whose orgasms require $145 purchases, why not spend that dough on the brand that’s won the trust and approval of various Conde Nast publications?

So, put down that pencil, your partner’s hand, that 5 lb. dumbbell, that electronic cigarette, that iPad, that gun, the various cats running around your house, that constitutional amendment, that ransom note and that protest sign, and reach for a vibrator. We all know you want to.