Jezebel Has Some Thoughts to Share About This Jockey Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

“Female lifestyle site” LittleThings just offered to buy Gawker’s Jezebel blog for $10 million, but in the meantime its writers will keep on writing.

Enter one Bobby Finger, who feels like the latest ad for Jockey men’s underwear is a little off in some way. The ad went up on YouTube like, two months ago, but Finger just saw it recently.

As he watched the ad, he couldn’t help “wondering why there’s a muscular man wearing nothing but Jockey boxer briefs cuddling with his child while asking you to ‘#ShowEm your Jockey’ for reasons that are never explained.”

That was just. So. Earnest. Adoption is a beautiful thing!


For once we read the comments, and this one from “Charlotte29” stood out:

Ugh. I feel like we’ve reached peak #authenticity in advertising. Everyone and their mother wants their brand to have a “purpose” and so often it feels like the execution is so ham-fisted. Like… you actually have to *do* things to make your brand purposeful; you can’t just make a TV spot or online video that says you are b/c people see through that shit.

This has got to be one of the most frustrating aspects of my job – explaining this fundamental truth to clients.

Thankfully this doesn’t really apply to the Jockey campaign, because it was created by the company’s in-house creative team. Droga5 won the business back in 2014, but it hasn’t been working on Jockey for at least a year.

The next ad stars a marine veteran, and it’s very hard to dislike.

Still, we feel like maybe Droga5 avoided a potential headache here.