Jet-Setting Cindy Gallop Hangs At Heathrow’s Virgin Clubhouse, Imparts Modesty on Garfield Column

By Matt Van Hoven 

Cindy Gallop, the same ad-maven who turned an old YMCA into an apartment and painted it completely black, casually commented on Bob Garfield’s editorial “Hotel a Little Too Comfortable and Really Not All That Daring”, published today on AdAge.

Gallop, of BBH fame, wrote in a comment below Garfield’s article, “Have been laughing my head off, out loud, reading this online in the Virgin Clubhouse at Heathrow while waiting for my flight back to JFK, to tremendously disconcerting effect for my fellow travellers [sic]. I would say ‘Beautifully put’ but that doesn’t seem quite the right term &#151 maybe ‘Plangently put’? Love it to death!”

Hey Cindy, 10 points for your “discrete” mention of the Virgin Clubhouse. Maybe now you’ll finally get mentioned on Gawker! New York Mag? Psha! And they say modesty is lost on advertising.

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(Thanks Spy X!)