Jeff Goldblum, Lil Wayne Are ‘#MovinOnUp’ in RPA’s Big Game Spot for

By Erik Oster Comment

Last week’s teaser for’s Super Bowl spot from RPA was an enigmatic one, featuring Lil Wayne buzzing up a man dressed as George Washington to his apartment and asking him if he brought the buns, with the brand revealing that Jeff Goldblum would also be in the spot, reprising his Brad Bellflower role for the brand.

The 60-second spot, entitled “Moving Day” opens with Bellflower saying, “Wow, looks like we’re movin’ on up,” as he starts singing the theme song to The Jeffersons and playing a piano being hoisted up to a deluxe apartment in the sky.  Rapper Lil Wayne and George Washington are our new “George and Weezy” and the reason for Washington bringing the buns becomes clear: Lil Wayne is grilling up some burgers. While the nostalgic play on the song is a logical choice for the brand, the ad is also a strange one, featuring Lil Wayne and his entourage partying with George Washington and a group of Revolutionary War soldiers. And apparently our first president has a thing for grilled beans. Who knew?