Creative Director Jane Lynch Hocks Vita Coco as ‘Stupidly Simple’

By Erik Oster 

After leaving Saatchi & Saatchi and dropping the AOR model altogether in order to work with multiple agencies at once, coconut water brand Vita Coco worked with Droga5 to create the brand’s first broadcast spot, which debuted last month.

Now, the brand is back, this time teaming up with actress Jane Lynch on an in-house spot which Lynch wrote and stars in. Lynch, who is reportedly a longtime friend of Vita Coco CEO Michael Kirban, also acted as creative director for the series, according to its press release.

The campaign, entitled “Stupidly Simple,” sees Lynch demonstrating in different scenarios how much more practical Vita Coco is than carrying around a bunch of coconuts.

In “Airport” that means a suitcase full of coconuts, while in “On the Run” she shows why a coconut is not a good choice for a marathon. On trial for an unnamed crime (which she then admits to), she tries to drink from a straw to no avail in “On Trial,” while another spot reminds viewers that a coconut will not fit in a car cup holder.

In each case, a man named Eduardo provides Lynch with a box of Vita Coco to replace her clunky coconut. The approach is simple, indeed, with Lynch’s acting predictably charming but the writing in need of some help.

The message, at least, is abundantly clear: Vita Coco is simply coconut water…and that’s a good thing.

Whatever one thinks of Ms. Lynch’s qualifications as a CD, she certainly has more energy than Rihanna.


Client: Vita Coco
Production Company: VICE
Director: Johnny Milord
Postproduction: Heresy
Editor: Justin Fong
Executive Producer, Post-production: Maureen Dowd