Jack in the Box Drops a Big “F*uck You” to Burger King, and CP+B

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: Just spoke with Secret Weapon Marketing and yes, this was their doing.

Jack in the Box has made a quick recovery from that whole getting hit by a bus fiasco, which kinda sucked. Anyway, this spot is better &#151 if only because at the ends Jack whips out and says, “eyyyyyy”. Kidding, but he does rip his sleeves off and challenges Burker King to a fight. I for one would watch that battle.

Sorry for the low quality, by the way. We’re forced to shoot with our Flip Mino because this vid. isn’t on YouTube &#151 erm, it was, but got pulled down. Listen, brands, chill the hell out! We’re just going to keep circumventing your attempts at “controlling the digital brand” and whatnot.

Who did this? Secret Weapon?

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