It’s On in Apple’s ‘Sticker Fight’ Promoting the iPhone 7

By Erik Oster 

Apple launched its “Practically Magic” campaign promoting the iPhone 7 back in September and followed it up with a “Romeo and Juliet” spot showcasing the new iPhone’ video recording capabilities via a very proud father in December.

The latest “Practically Magic” effort stages an epic “Sticker Fight” showcasing the iPhone7’s emoji stickers. It opens with a bit of rejection as a young man pins a heart sticker on his crush, only to receive a thumbs down in return. Ouch.

From there the pace picks up as youngsters race around town pinning stickers everywhere and the sticker battle mimics a classic food fight.

There’s more than a little bit of pop culture excitement here, as many of the stickers reference Apple stickers of beloved icons ranging from Sanrio’s Hello Kitty to South Park‘s Eric Cartman and the eponymous character from Eric Carle‘s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It’s not exactly high-concept, and it lacks the cinematic quality of the campaign’s launch spot, but the ad is fast-paced and fun. Plus the references fly by so quickly, you may actually need to watch it multiple times to catch them all. The spot concludes by telling viewers to “Say it with stickers on iPhone 7,” followed by the “Practically Magic” tagline.