It’s Not Too Late to Punch An Ad Blogger

By Matt Van Hoven 

Please don’t punch Kiran Aditham or myself in the face (or elsewhere) at tonight’s AgencySpy party. But if you must, we can be found at The Bubble Lounge, 228 West Broadway (between Franklin and Moore, map below) tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Drink specials, fingery foods, gossip, maybe a job or two &#151 who knows the wonders you’ll find at our party. Unfortunately, I’m dressed like a 90 year old man with his grandpa’s sweater on. The benefit of such attire, of course, is that I’ll feel comfortable enough to talk with most anyone &#151 save for those face punchers. You know who you are. RSVPing is important.

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