It’s 75 and Fair in Cannes – And We’re Watching

By Matt Van Hoven 

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The Cannes Lions Festival of Advertising Might is underway and you (like me) are sitting at your desk, looking out the window (if there’s one nearby) wishing that one day you too will get paid to sip bubbly drinks on a Parisian shore. We’ve got a lot of years on the Brooklyn shore first, tho.

“Yes, I Have Tw*tted”
For those of you who want to keep up with the lighter side of the week’s events, we’ve got some things for you. On Twitter, follow our very own spies via @spyincannes. It’s their job (yeah, there’s more than one, though they’re sharing a Twitter feed) to keep you in the know re: the good stuff. The other guys will have the breathless “this is what Jim said about the recession.” But who cares? We know you want what we’ve got, so go get it.


“What? the inter Webs”
And since AgencySpy is all about you, Tribble and I have set up where your fellow in-country ad folk will share what they see. If there’s one good story told there, it will have been worth it. If there’s none, it means we’ve succeeded in creating another useless Web site.

In conclusion
Lest you forget, I’ll be at Wrath of Cannes this Thursday eve for what may be the most important award show of the year. Why say this I? Well beer is a buck, it’s on the East River at Brooklyn’s finest (East River Bar), it’s free and all about the juniors and most of the people who attend will probably get laid. When in Williamsburg! See you there.

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