It Takes a Real Athlete to Promote K-Swiss’s New Tubes

By Matt McCarron 

It’s not until you actually see them in commercial and in the same spread together that you say to yourself, “Wow…never thought about it, but Jeremy Shockey is Kenny Powers.” He’s given the finger to opposing players during games, thrown ice on rival fans (who were kids), he’s even dated Tara Reid-she’s just Kenny’s type! Fortunately, 72andSunny made the connection for us.

72andSunny’s new K-Swiss Tubes campaign advertises the new running/training shoe by leveraging “athlete” Kenny Powers (played by Danny McBride in HBO’s Eastbound & Down) and New Orleans Saint, Jeremy Shockey, 49er Patrick Willis, and 3-time MMA champion Urijah Faber.


In a statement, Glenn Cole, 72andSunny co-founder, says, “When you have four of the most intense pro athletes in the world–and that’s including Kenny Powers–you can tell a story about performance technology in a way that young guys care about.”

There’s a lot going on with this campaign. Here are a few aspects we think you’ll like:

– Exclusive video featuring Kenny Powers signing with K-Swiss and proposing a few campaign ideas

– Facebook app called “Workout Wingman,” which allows you to have Kenny Powers take over your Facebook page and respond to your friends while you’re logged off and (presumably) working out.

– Billboard near Times Square and Venice Beach with an 888 number (1-888-With-Tubes-I-Will-Train-The-F-Out) that invites callers to join the elite society of badasses;

– :60/:30/:15 spots that will air nationwide in movie theaters and channels such as ESPN, Comedy Central and MTV.

– Cover takeover on ESPN the magazine

Check out one of the other spots and print ad after the jump.

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Executive Vice President: David Nichols
Global Creative Director: Diego Lozano
Strategic Consultant: David Nottoli
Executive Creative Director: Glenn Cole
Creative Directors: Matt Murphy and Barton Corley
Writer: Matt Heath
Designer: Jeff Beberman
Brand Director: Alex Schneider
Director: Jody Hill