Israel’s Diaspora Assimilation Campaign: Bring Home the Lost

By Matt Van Hoven 

Israeli advertising and public relations firms Shlomi Drori and Scherf Communications have launched a campaign for MASA to assimilate Jewish youth (18-30), and bring them back to Israel &#151 not necessarily forever, nine months om some cases.

MASA, which specializes in providing grants for Jews from abroad to experience Israel, notes that as the world population changes the number of Jewish new families is beginning to dwindle. Cue the $800,000 Lost campaign, which basically asks Jews to tell MASA about other Jews &#151 and, you know, provide their phone numbers.

From the Jerusalem Post:

“The voice-over, done by veteran television anchorwoman Ayala Hason, tells Israelis that ‘over 50 percent of Jewish youth abroad are assimilating and becoming lost to us. Do you know a Jewish youth abroad? Call Masa, and together we will strengthen their connection to Israel so that we don’t lose them.'”

The campaign’s print execution includes hanging posters of Diaspora youth, as they’re known (though we aren’t sure if they are actual people) with the word “LOST” printed plainly above an image.

True/Slant via Jerusalem Post

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