Is This Re/Max Shiz For Real?

By Matt Van Hoven 

This smells a lot like a free publicity attempt from Re/Max &#151 which if it is we’re playing right into the trap &#151 but whatever, here goes.

Re/Max (you know, the real estate people) has brought forth what may be the whackest trademark infringement case in history. The agency is pissed at Rehava, a small North Carolina real estate shop. Apparently, Re/Max thinks Rehava’s logo looks too similar to their own; yeah totally guys, what with their letter “r”, the line over the “e” and then the “h” which if you cut the top off it looks sorta line an “m”. Can’t you guys see the resemblance?

No joke, the lawyer for Re/Max was quoted as saying that if you cut the top off the “h” in Rehava it looks like an “m”. No dude, a topless “h” is an “n”. And that accent above the “e”, well that’s kinda like a backslash. Er, forward slash.

Says Re/Max lawyer: “If you chop the top off of the ‘h,’ you (almost) have the ‘m’ in Re/Max. The next letter is an ‘a,’ and if you take the ‘v’ then you have half of an ‘x.'”

I just died a little inside.

OK well the original story does a good deal of splainin about the situation &#151 noting that because of a new law, Rehava is able to allow commission rebates to their clients. They think Re/Max just wants to take them to court to cost the small start-up money.

One thing Re/Max fails to admit is that their logo sucks hard, and no one in their right mind would really want to copy their shitteous design. Hey Re/Max, 1979 called and they don’t want their logo back, you can keep it.

If any real estate firm should be upset about their logo being stolen it’s Edina Realty, whose logo was jacked by the people at Lucille Roberts. That’s some whackness for you.

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