Is Alfa Romeo’s Latest Campaign Faked?

By Matt Van Hoven 

A new campaign for the Alfa Romeo 147 claims to have placed a poster for the car at the lowest point on earth, a section of the Mariana Trench, off Guam, that is some seven miles deep (or 36,200 feet). The correlation: Alfa Romeo is selling the 147 for the lowest price possible, €14990, or $21,511.86. It seems a bit loony to go to such great lengths for a campaign (video below), and Jalopnik purports that based on information presented in the video, the whole thing could be a fake.

Basically, Alfa Romeo is pointing to one spot as the deepest, when there’s another that’s more widely believed to be “the deepest” &#151 called Challenger Deep. This spot is 190 miles off Guam, and the pressure there is 1,099 times greater than sea level, versus 1,000 times at Alfa Romeo’s spot.

Writes Jalopnik, “All this leads us to believe that the sign was, at best, lowered into a shallower area of the Marianas trench or, at worst, the whole thing was faked. All that means that Alfa Romeo can, in fact, go lower. We wonder just how cheap we could really get a 147 for.”

It’s a bit confusing, but hopefully the folks at Duval Guillaume Agency (the campaign’s creators) will have some answers.


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