Irish International BBDO Loses its Grip with ‘Never Let Go’ for RSA Ireland

By Erik Oster 

Irish International BBDO launched a new road safety PSA for Road Safety Association (RSA) Ireland, following up last year’s “Don’t Look Back” and “Anatomy of a Split Second” with “Never Let Go.”

As with its predecessors, the agency once again manages to delivered its message in a new, unexpected way. “Never Let Go,” which was filmed on-location in Ireland by director Giocchino Petronice, opens on a man in what appears to be some sort of nightmare scenario, attempting to hold onto his loved ones while upside down, with ominous music playing in the background, as he loses grip and they slip away. As the scenario ends with his baby’s hand slipping from his grip, the scene shifts to car crash, the man’s vehicle turned over. The camera zooms in on the tires, ending with the message “When your tyres lose grip, you lose everything.”

It’s an affecting message, managing the difficult task of making a call to check your vehicle’s tires emotional. Inspired by a report from the Road Safety Authority and An Garda Siochana (Irish police force) which found that over two-thirds of fatal collision in the country were caused by defective tires. Viewers accustomed to PSAs dealing with things like distracted driving may be surprised to learn of this overlooked road danger, but without the emotional approach of the ad it would be an easy one to ignore. “Never Let Go” will run in Ireland on broadcast, cinema and online, along with a radio version. 

“Tyres are the parts of your car that are most likely to put you at risk of a fatal collision it they are not roadworthy,” said Road Safety Authority communications manager Brian Farrell. “They are the only part of your vehicle that keep you in contact with the road so it is critical that they are in roadworthy condition at all times. Don’t assume you can tell if there’s a problem just by looking at them – you can’t. Our advice to road-users is to get your tyres checked regularly and ensure they are properly maintained or they could fail you when you need them most.”


Executive Creative Director: Dylan Cotter
Art Director: Clayton Homer
Copywriter: Dillon Elliott
Account Director: Ken Kerr
Account Manager: David Power
Agency Producer: Andrew Counihan
Communications Manager, Road Safety Authority: Brian Farrell
Director: Giocchino Petronice
Producer: Gregoire Coulombel
DOP: Christopher Sabogel
Editor: Adriana Legay
Post Production: FIRM Paris
Composer: Adam Welsh