Intel and Toshiba Create a ‘Social Thriller’

By Bob Marshall 

In a world where sentient Facebook ads control the darkest corners of the Internet and your life could depend on a re-tweet from someone with a high Klout score comes Inside , the first online film where social media matters (which is also not to be confused with the chilling French horror film of the same name).

Starring young starlet Emmy Rossum (who you may remember from Mystic River, The Phantom of the Opera and her stunning turn as Bulma in Dragonball: Evolution), Intel and Periera & O’Dell are looking to build on the giant amount of buzz received for the “Museum of Me” Facebook app, partnering with Disturbia director D.J. Caruso and Toshiba. According to the announce, the film’s premise is this: “Actress Emmy Rossum plays the starring role of Christina, a woman trapped in a room with only an Intel processor-powered Toshiba laptop and an untraceable Internet connection. Unable to determine where she is being held or what her fate might be, Christina uses the laptop to mobilize her social network, reaching out to friends, family and anyone else who can help her figure out where she’s being held and how to escape.”

Debuting online on July 25, viewers will communicate to Rossum’s character, giving tips, hints and clues that will help lead her to safety. Also, the film’s website is has a open casting call where one lucky viewer will actually appear in a credited role in the film, which will be released in its entirety in August. Will this be an online hit, or will it go largely ignored (except by the ad press)? Credits and Caruso’s casting call after the jump.

Agency:  Pereira & O’Dell
Client:  Intel/Toshiba
Production Company:  RSA
Interactive Production Company:  B-Reel
Director:  D.J. Caruso
Cinematographer:  Mauro Fiore
Editorial:   The Whitehouse
Editor:  Josh Bodnar
Graphics:  Laundry
Visual FX/Online:  Ntropic
Music:  Squeak E Clean