Industry Vet/CD Relaunches ‘Adverspew’

By Bob Marshall 

Currently serving as the President and Creative Director of his own Michigan-based agency Perich Advertising and Design, Ernie Perich’s 30 years in the industry have left him with the experience and seniority to rant or “spew” about everything related to his line of work. Does he love his job or hate it? As he’s apparently not sure, Perich is going to rant about it until he determines what his opinion on the matter actually is.

By re-launching his “Adverspew” blog, Perich is using his creative prowess to dissect whatever gems of knowledge he’s picked up in three decades in the business. The guy’s 52-years-old, and as he’ll tell you on his site, he considers himself to be a “tired, old, bald ad hack.” Though Adverspew’s been around for a couple years, Perich’s implemented a total re-working of the site hoping to open up more “robust dialogue” between himself and others in the industry who have shared similar experiences.


With post titles including “Things I’ve Done Once but Won’t Do Twice,” “25% Less Gibberish Emotions” and “Travel, Floss Regularly and Win the Heisman,” Perich’s experiences and personal history of highs and lows reads like the an autobiography of a creative journeyman. Though Perich states, “We’re only making ads,” it seems like he’s trying to convince himself of that more than his readership.