INDIE Amsterdam, Tele2 Tell Viewers to Overindulge in Data ‘Because You Can’

By Erik Oster 

INDIE Amsterdam launched a new, integrated campaign for Tele2, promoting the telcom provider’s new 4G-network, entitled “Because You Can.”
The musically-inclined “Because You Can” presents a series of over-the-top scenarios for using the network like posting a selfie every second, inviting users to “dorwn yourself in data,” not because they have to, but because they can. Its message is actually delivered through the lyrics of the song, with accompanying action onscreen, which should help the spot worm its way into viewers’ brains. So as goofy and over the top as “Because You Can” may be, you’re not likely to forget it all that easily (as much as you may like to).

The spot is not just the first in the new campaign, but also the first work from the agency since winning the account following a review earlier this year. It will run on broadcast and in cinemas, supported by OOH, radio, online and print elements.

“Incredibly fast internet and loads of data at low prices enable you to do anything you want,” said INDIE Amsterdam creative director Emilio de Haan. “We wanted to create a campaign that is just as unconstrained, excessive and limitless as the product itself and which is felt throughout all elements of the campaign.”

“Drowning yourself in data, and feeling the freedom to browse on your mobile without limits; this campaign signifies the start of a movement,” added managing director Chris Vannitsem.  “It is all about being smart, relevant and always having a big smile, which shines through all communication platforms.”

Creative agency: INDIE Amsterdam
Production company: The BoardRoom
Line Production: Radioaktivefilm
Director: Henry Scholfield
On-line/SFX: Glassworks Amsterdam
Off-line Edit: Johnny Rayner
Music: Sander Baas & Sergio Blankendal @ de
Sound: Alfred Klaassen geluid – Jacco Lenstra
Client: Cilesta van Doorn, Margaret Kreuger, Danielle Snoeij, Jan- Willem te Gussinklo