In Your Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Despite being parked at the Mediabistro Circus (yeah, we’re here right now!), we’ve still been able to cull some good stories for you. They’re just, ah, not written by us. Heh. Our fave story of the day &#151 Heidi & Spencer didn’t actually storm off the set of their zany NBC show, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!” Now that’s s’m’advertisin.

&#151 The Italians are up in arms, arms, I say about a Miller light ad that’s kinda guido-y. Being Italian, I disagree &#151 it’s meh. link

&#151 Deutsch NY won creative and media “duties” on PNC. link

&#151 Adweek says Fallon’s Michael Wall is considering a job as global CEO for Lowe. Pins and/or needles. link

&#151 Guess who wrote this doozy: “Silicon Valley douchenozzles engage in mutual masturbation shenanigans!” link

&#151 Kleenex has fruit shaped boxes for the summa, for the summa. link

&#151 They bleeped “crap” in this Bing spot. It’s a $100 mil account so swearing is not a fuckin option. link

&#151 Is complaining too easy online? God, I hate stupid questions. Ha ha, that was a joke. link

&#151 That thing about Speidi, click here.