I’m Going to Win Preston Kelly’s Wii Fit if it Kills Me (Not Really)

By Matt Van Hoven 

Minneapolis based Preston Kelly wins the prize for best holiday Web site with their white elephant take-off (see whiteelephant.prestonkelly dot com). Basic premise: spin the white elephant to steal the gifts you want. The contest runs through noon on December 19, and we are determined as hell to win the friggin’ Wii Fit they’re offering.

There’s also an iPod Nano, a bottle of yummy (though tasteless so you know it’s god) Grey Goose and an assortment of canned foods which will be donated to charity. Finally, a holiday micro that isn’t pointless. Kudos PK &#151 I’ll stop by to pick up my prize when I’m home for Christmas next week…mmmk?

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