Illinois’ Worst Commercial

By Kaitlin Madden 

Chicago is the city of catchy jingles. When I moved here last Fall, I was introduced to the ad-tunes of Luna Carpet, Walter E. Smithe Furniture, and Menards (The Home Depot of the Midwest). Since then I’ve spent most of my life singing the anthem of one of these three companies. Last weekend, when I passed my first Menards, I almost killed myself and my driver when I yelled “STOP THE CAR!” Followed by, “Let’s go ‘Save big money at Menaaaardsss!'” If you live in the Midwest, you know exactly what I’m talking about (if not, click here and skip to :25) . I then zipped my cart through the aisles of Menards, singing their jingle and hunting my bargains.

However, as annoying as it is to have these stupid songs on my brain’s playlist, I would rather brand myself with a Menard’s logo than ever see/hear the commercial for “Key Lime Cove” ever again. It is, without a doubt, the most awful piece of television I have ever seen. I run out of the room every time it comes on, and when I do happen to catch it, it makes me feel embarrassed and dirty, and I can’t help but assume the people who go to Key Lime Cove despite its awful commercial, must have athlete’s foot and probably don’t shower before going in the pool. Check out the commercial above-it’s a spotty version, but trust me, you’re probably better off not getting the full effect.


The ad was created by Minneapolis-based Falls Agency. Falls Agency, Fail.

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