Illinois Marketing Firm Wins Internet with Awesome Employee Profiles

By Bob Marshall 

Here at AgencySpy, we’ve always been fond of agencies when they devote some time to their employee profiles. While W+K always looks stylish with their hip mostly black and white people pages and R/GA’s leadership profiles are slick examples of digital professionalism, little Illinois-based m45 Marketing Services brings us back to the times of high school yearbooks.

Complete with likes, dislikes and favorite quotes, the Freeport and Bloomington, Illinois teams at m45 are just too endearing for a client to reject. For example, co-owner Marilyn Smit is a fan of being a Libra and dogs, but she’s not into whining or baseball. Client manager and new business developer Jordan Priest quotes Benjamin Franklin. And, copywriter and project manager Kim Urban digs “drinking beer on the patio” and hates “physical exertion.”


Nice to see some Midwestern charm in the agency world once in a while, and m45 has it.