Illinois Department of Transportation Makes One of the Dumbest PSAs Ever

By Bob Marshall 

The most difficult thing about creating a successful PSA is keeping a serious tone while attempting to be visually striking. The second most difficult thing is doing this on a tiny budget. Of course, sometimes it can all go terribly wrong.

Such is the case with this spot from the Illinois Department of Transportation, which is quite honestly too funny to take seriously. Not only does it find itself playing into obvious stereotypes (a redneck in a pickup actually drinking while driving), but it’s laugh-out-loud terrible acting and silly camera work finds it possibly atop the list of the worst PSAs since Illinois started its “You Drink & You Drive, You Lose” campaign. Also, odds are that the entire bachelorette party is too intoxicated to be viewed as “innocent victims” in all of this.


Chicagoist breaks it down nicely with a scene-by-scene account of the ad. We wonder, when are state agencies actually going to get industry professionals to give consistent input into their television spots?

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