IKEA’s UK ‘Brand Revitalization’ Begins Through the Eyes of a Child

By Kiran Aditham 

On a gloomy New York morning, this new effort from Mother for IKEA adds a little pep to our step. The spot, dubbed “Playin’ With My Friends,” kicks off what is being touted as a new brand strategy in the U.K. and Ireland for home furnishing chain, IKEA. In the clip above, a young girl plays dinner party host to a variety of oversized characters including a robot, action figure and what appears to be Godzilla.

While visually appealing, the spot is helped aplenty by the grooving tune, which sounds a hell of a lot like Gorillaz (Update: It’s actually a re-recording of the BB King/Robert Cray song of the same name). While the scenario being played out is all in the girl’s head, the parties involved say that on a larger scale, it’s meant to help convey IKEA’s new, aforementioned strategy: Create campaigns focused on activities and needs in the home rather than just rooms in it. Whatever you take away from it is up to you, but we have to say we’re not frowning half as much. Credits after the jump.

Creative Agency                 Mother

Art Director                       Mother

Copywriter                        Mother

Planner                             Mother

Agency Producer                Mother

Director                            Dougal Wilson

Production Co                    Blink

Producer                           Ewen Brown

Editor                              Ed Cheesman

Editing House           Final Cut

Post Production                  MPC

VFX:                                MPC

VFX Producer:                  Julie Evans

VFX Supervisor:               Tom Harding

Grade:                             Jean-Clement Soret

Audio post-production          750mph

Sound Design                    Sam Ashwell

DoP                                Stephen Keith Roach