Ignited Promotes New Bravo Series with Social Campaign

By Erik Oster 

Ignited has a new social campaign promoting Bravo’s new series, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, which premieres March 9th.

The new campaign is tied to a promoted post on Buzzfeed examining “The 10 Types of Guys You Find On Every Dating Website.” At the end of the post, readers are invited to take a short quiz to discover which of “six species of men that exist in the dating wild” they are or is their type. After completing the survey, @BravoDating will tweet one of six video results: Catchitis Perfecta (“Mr. Perfect”), Clinger Onis (“The Clinger”), Doublis Bookeris (“The Player”), Love Seekitis ( “The Romantic”), Liaris Apperancean (“The Liar”), and Predatorus Obnoxious (“The Predator”). As you can imagine (this is Bravo we’re talking about), these are pretty silly. The narrator treats the subjects like he’s narrating a nature documentary (thus the latin species names); it’s easy to imagine David Attenborough providing the narration. You can check out “Liaris Apperancean” above, and stay tuned for “Doublis Bookeris” and “Predatorus Obnoxious,” along with credits, after the jump.

Creative Credits:

Executive Creative Director: Jordan Atlas                                                       

Art Director: Phil Samartan                                                    

Copywriters: Kevin Eis & Andre Query                                                       

Executive Producer: Diego Espana                        

Account Director: Bree Bandy

Senior Account Executive: Lesley Stahl

Director: Nasar Abich


Interactive Credits:

Director, Interactive Software Development: Jeff Klaasen

Senior Interactive Producer: Kim Howe


Strategic Planning Credits:

SVP Strategic Planning: Mark Simmons

Social Strategist: Julienne Lin