Idea City: A Magical Place for Tweetups, Thumbs-Up, and This Guy

By Matt Van Hoven 

This guy looks happy. It seems to be a nice day, he’s surrounded by ladies and only a couple other dudes and he’s sitting on top of the world &#151 er, he’s on top of Idea City. For an intern Tweetup, where Austin’s interns go to mingle. We don’t know what was discussed, but the dudes there were definitely talking about how many ladies were in attendance (OK so I made that part up, but look it’s a safe assumption. Someone there was like, “oo, sexy sexies are everywhere, time to put on the charm”).

There were so many kiddies bouncing around hoping to make a connection that would land them a real job, or at least a good make-out sesh. That’s what guys do &#151 they stand around and talk about how many chicks are in attendance or not and then they’re like, “look at ms. hotpants over there, I’d hit that.” And that’s advertising, baby! Hope you kids had a blast.


More pics!!! (Please don’t pull them GSD&M)

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