i.d.e.a. Promotes Higher Education for National University

By Erik Oster 

San Diego-based i.d.e.a. has launched a new campaign promoting non-profit National University, centered around a series of broadcast spots which debut tomorrow.

One of these spot, “Sports” (featured above), delves into the neuropsychology of sports fandom, offering a new view on an everyday activity. Another live action spot, “Spiders,” meanwhile, examines the origns of arachnophobia. Each of these ads, along with graphic spots, ends with the line, “Think you don’t have time to learn something new? You just did,”before promoting viewers to continue educating themselves at nu.edu. The campaign aims to promote National University as a way to earn a degree around a busy schedule, as classes are offered both on-site and online. In addition to the broadcast spots (which we have a couple more of after the jump), the campaign also includes print, outdoor, and digital elements.


  • Client: National University
    • Dr. Michael Cunningham, president/chancellor
    • Nancy Rohland, interim vice president
    • Carol Tiernan, assistant vice chancellor, marketing
  • i.d.e.a.
    • Jon Bailey, chief relationships officer
    • Ryan Berman, chief ideas officer
    • Daniel Andreani, executive creative director
    • Joe Nafziger, associate creative director
    • Tonya Mantooth, executive producer
  • Live Action TV Production: Fueld
  • Graphic TV Production: FortyOneTwenty, i.d.e.a.’s video production division