Huntcha Encourages You to Make Out With Your Computer Screen

By Bob Marshall 

According to its website, is a new Facebook integrated online service that allows you to chat with your crush anonymously to see if they’re crushing on you back. But, similar to a dog actually catching a car it’s chasing, the reality of you and your crush declaring mutual feelings could be very anticlimactic. After all, The Office never recovered after Jim and Pam got together, and now it’s thankfully being put out of its misery by NBC.

But if we’re to believe the above spot from twin brothers Sebastian and Cristobal Zegars of Leche Dos (and for argument’s sake, we will), finding out your crush likes you back is a time for intimacy and hot makeouts, specifically with an image on your computer screen. Featuring Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham, the above spot was allegedly “too hot to write about” for publications like Seventeen magazine. (Sure, I guess we’ll believe that too.)

Apparently, the racy ads were quite a success in my home country of Chile, where Huntcha was initially founded. So, the company is attempting to make its mark in the U.S., with the Kat Graham spot netting over 56,000 plays on YouTube since its July release. I ask you, dear readers, are you getting hot and bothered? Visit Huntcha’s site here, and let us know if your laptop gets full of smudgy kissy-marks.