Humanaut Keeps Pushing Its ‘Bros’

By Patrick Coffee 

The hot new way for clients to promote themselves is to create an anonymous Twitter account and encourage people to help them mention the fuck out of a bunch of famous people (along with some less famous folks) in the hopes that they will return the favor.

This technique also doubles as a cheap, lazy way to pitch the press.

Case in point:

You remember “Save the Bros” from February; it was all about how Organic Valley shakes are better than other protein shakes because they don’t have all those harmful chemicals with names that sound like STDs. The work came from Chattanooga-based brand invention agency and Alex Bogusky investment Humanaut, which also made that Scarlett Johansson Super Bowl ad for SodaStream.

The agency’s new campaign, which it promoted heavily yesterday, elaborates on that theme. Here’s the first spot:

The funniest part was definitely the dude with the massive bis lifting a 15-pound dumbbell.

Before you ask, the service is real: just enter your favorite bro’s Twitter handle, choose which video message you’d like to send him, and wait for the magic to happen.

Here’s another one tackling the chronic affliction of “tribal” tattoos:

…and a clip about dudes taking shirtless selfies:

The client’s YouTube page includes a couple more entries addressing the scourges of binge-tanning, overactive hair gel and key bro-worthy pickup lines.

It’s almost like none of the thick-headed, low-hanging fruits in question realize that ALL “protein shakes” are overpriced sham products that will not make your pecs any bigger no matter what percentage of your daily dose they may supply. Want more protein in your diet? Try eating real food.

The “do you even lift” joke is about as fresh as Vin Diesel, circa 2002.