Hulu Makes Gains On MySpace

By SuperSpy 

Nielsen is reporting that YouTube is still the number one video site. Number two? MySpace. Who is number three and moving rapidly up the ladder? Want to take a guess? That’s right. Hulu. MySpace clocked 244 million streams to 20 million unique visitors in November, which is the same as their October numbers. Hulu brought home 221 million streams to about 7.5 million unique visitors last month, an increase from 206 million videos. The site is serving more videos to less people, but still… that’s impressive.

I wonder what the time spent on each site is, especially for MySpace versus YouTube. Naturally, you would guess that Hulu is logging more face time with consumers considering their content is episodic or full feature length videos.

NBC/Fox owned Hulu has recently made some updates to their functionality. Users can now embed content across multiple platforms and soon, content will be accessible from anywhere in the world. Jason Kilar, the CEO of Hulu, recently told Mediapost that his focus is not on competing with iTunes for pay downloads, but providing instant access to content for consumers:

“I absolutely believe the streaming business is and will be a bigger business than content downloads. The main reason is that it’s instantaneous and people are spending more time being connected. The notion of downloading heavy files to a device that takes up a lot of space is something that had value several years ago when we were not connected all the time. So, the bigger opportunity for users is to focus on the streaming part of the business.”

Okay, so don’t expect to be paying $3.99 to own Iron Man anytime soon. The man has a plan and he’s sticking to it.

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