Huge Untaps the Potential of Beer in New Employee-Focused Anheuser-Busch Effort

By Erik Oster 

Huge launched a follow-up to last year’s “We Are All Brewers” campaign for Anheuser-Busch, entitled “Untapped” which attempts to convince potential employees to join the world’s largest brewer.

The 60-second anthem ad at the heart of the campaign begins with the line “Beer is more than just beer.” So what does that mean?

The spot goes on to claim that “Beer can reinvent itself,” elaborating that it can “transform transportation,” “shrink carbon footprints” and “thrive on diversity” before calling on viewers to become part of that reinvention.

Notably, the spot doesn’t dwell on the brewing process or quality of AB InBev brand’s beers, instead opting to showcase the company’s ecological advancements, philanthropic efforts and commitment to diversity. In fact, there’s only a brief discussion of beer as a perfect antidote to hot days or a guaranteed barbecue enhancement, along with brief shots of brewing ingredients, before the ad moves on to its main focus. Among the initiatives highlighted is Budweiser’s disaster relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and California, also the subject of David Miami’s “Stand By You” Super Bowl spot for the brand.


“We knew that there’s an impressive amount of passion, energy, and ideas inside each of Anheuser-Busch’s 20,000 employees. We wanted Untapped to celebrate A-B’s people and show potential employees that at A-B, beer is just the beginning,” Huge associate creative director Frank Wortham said in a statement. “Anheuser-Busch is serious about giving back, advancing diversity, and working towards a more sustainable future. A-B’s ambition for a better world aligns with our values here at Huge—so it was a natural fit for us.”

The ad arrives around the same time as the SRG’s “That’s Independence You’re Tasting” for the Brewers Association, which highlighted that group’s “Independently Crafted” label and celebrated “the freedom to create without limits” due to that independence. It’s notable, then, that AB InBev’s message in its employer brand campaign is so defined by large-scale aspirational efforts, such as disaster relief, facilitated by its large scale.