How Many Interviews Does it Take?

By SpyWriter 

A tip from an AS reader suggests the the trend in terrible hiring practices as of late is continuing with Digitas.

“Digitas’s Recruitment is the dumbest team in the marketing industry, the stories of trying to fill even the smallest creative post usually amounts to a minimum of 8 interviews. One top NY CD was being lured by them, after 12 meetings only to be told they wanted someone with a “Crispin Background”. The CD has been from Goodby.”

An reply on an AS post two weeks ago in response to possible trouble in the recruitment department tells about how well that department doing.

“I had just finished a meeting with my NY recruiting team when someone forwarded this blog to me about Digitas. The NY recruiting team is going strong and consists of 4 fulltime recruiters with an additional 8 fulltime recruiters in our other offices. Our recruiting strategy shifted from being locally based to leveraging our national network of recruiters. We did wrap up contracts for some of our freelance recruiters and maybe that is what started the rumor. My team is actively recruiting top talent and committed to growing the Digitas family.
Megan Hayes VP Director, NY Recruiting”

So clearly they are still a working department. But how well are they working? Guess it all depends on who you ask, right?