How Douchey Is Your Creative Director?

By Patrick Coffee 

hipster douche bag

Here’s a stunt that someone worked on for quite a while: it’s a multi-step interactive project created to determine exactly how terrible your agency’s current creative director is in real life.

The Creative Douchebag Detector Device involves a few of our favorite (dated) references:

  • Subservient chicken
  • TED Talks
  • Swedish people
  • Standing desks (but NOT “Superdesk”)

Our favorite category may be “side hustles,” which include “having an affair” and running extreme marathons. We’ve heard these jokes before.

For the record, we scored “hipster douche bag,” which is relatively accurate — but we’ll let you determine how spot-on the whole thing is.

From the “press release”:

“Can this new Creative Leader attract and win business? Can they inspire staff? Will they hire the right people? Or will they tank the business and ruin the agency culture with their Douche Baggery?

The Creative Director Douche Bag Detector Device is here to help. This state-of-the-art-futuristic-hi-tek-gismo will calculate the potential DBAG risk of that overly paid Creative Leader.

Simply adjust the dials and toggle the knobs to the exact specifications you are looking for in said Creative Leader and…. Beep! Boop! Beep! DING! You will know with 99.997% accuracy whether the Creative Leader you want to hire has real potential… to be a complete Dill Weed.”

…or you could just add “agencyspy” when Googling that director’s name and see what his or her former colleagues have to say.