Houston Texans Will Turn into Giant Robot, Destroy You (Just Kidding! They’re Terrible!)

By Bob Marshall 

From production company The Famous Group comes the above pre-kickoff 3D opener meant to pump up the Houston Texans crowd and help them momentarily forget that they’re currently on a five-game losing streak. Bear in mind that they’re only seven games in right now. Yep.

Despite what the Transformers-esque Megabull would have you think, the Seattle Seahawks actually defeated the Texans during this Sept. 29th game by a score of 23-20. In case you missed it, Texans QB Matt Schaub called an audible late in the 4th quarter that demanded his offense lift him onto their shoulders to create a massive stack of football players somewhat resembling Megabull. The Seahawks defense countered by turning into a large bird of prey with the help of billionaire owner Paul Allen’s record-breaking 50-yard wide hang glider.


As the Megabull tried in vain to jump-punch the Megahawk, the Megahawk swooped in circles around the Reliant Stadium rafters. After Megabull succumbed to fatigue, Megahawk snatched the football from the right horn of Megabull (also Schaub’s right arm), took it to the end zone, and ate it. As football fans know, this is the robot equivalent of a game-winning field goal, securing victory of the Seahawks. As Megahawk flew home to regurgitate pieces of the football for its young to feed on, the Houston crowed turned their ire  Matt Schaub, and the “Fuck Megabull” chant was heard far and wide throughout Texas that day. ‘Twas truly a harrowing moment for the game of football.

On top of this elaborate tale from the gridiron, The Famous Group would like to note that this video was created in cooperation with New Zealand animation shop, Flux Animation, and that this video was specially made for the debut of Reliant Stadium’s new 14,549 sq. foot Mitsubishi Diamond Vision screen, the world’s largest in-stadium HD video screen.