Hot off the Presses! Friday’s Tip of the Day

By Matt Van Hoven 

Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll. No seriously, what you’re about to read is so true! It’s straight from the tips box, unedited, uncut, untarnished. It’s pure truth. Here it it:

“campbell-ewald la”

OH MY GAWD! I know, right? How crazy is that? When I read that tip, I was like, “holy shit! can this really be happening?” Ask SuperSpy, she’ll tell you all about it.

Phew. OK, I’m calming back down again from the excitement of that new, unbelievable information. Thank you, for that. One small request to the brave soul who sent it in. Next time, a bit more context could be helpful. Check back later today for tips on how to send us info without getting in trouble. But DAMN! Life changing stuff!

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