Hot Ad (Wo)Man Of The Day: Simon Waterfall

By SuperSpy 

Meet Simon Waterfall.

Agency: Poke, Co-founder and creative director

Key Work: Unlimited for Orange and

Most Recent Work: Acting as President and overseeing the recent D&AD awards

Little Known Fact: He’s co-designer of a fashion label called Social Suicide.

Quote: “I was exhibiting at New Designers and this guy just came up to me and said “I need that designer.” He found me at the bar, in a green skirt, blue Mohawk and a Walls Ice Cream Tee- shirt, I said of course, come in on Monday. I phoned up my mate who I’d just moved into a house with, he’d just finished college, he was at RCA two years before me, and I said “you know we’d talked about setting up a company someday, well we’ve got out first client, they are coming in on Monday!”

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