Hot Ad (Wo)Man Of The Day: Faris Yakob

By SuperSpy 

Meet Faris Yakob

Agency: EVP, chief technology strategist at McCann.

Recent Work: Digital ninja type stuff at Naked.

Little Known Fact: He used to be a writer for Maxim magazine.

Quote: ‘”Consumers” own brands – even when they aren’t consuming. But yes – it does. If they don’t care, or we can’t give them reasons to care, then they will simply stop engaging with us. The industry seems obsessed by engagement at the moment – building / offering brand engagement. But from a person, or communities, point of view – why should they engage with brands unless there is some value in the engagement? And if we’re delivering value, they will care.”‘

It appears that some new readers are confused about Hot Ad (Wo)Man. It’s not about being literally hot, like, sexxyback hot. It’s about celebrating the best and brightest from account mangers, directors, creatives, producers, planners, etc. A little recognition in this hard ass industry is a very good thing indeed. Know someone who works their ass off and deserves to be the Hot Ad (Wo)Man of the day? Email me at superspyin at gmail dot com.

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